The Workmen's Circle of Michigan   
Center for Jewish Culture and Social Justice

Who We Are

The Workmen’s Circle of Michigan Center for Jewish Culture and Social Justice is a warm, down-to-earth, creative, progressive Jewish community.  We offer activities and programs for members and the public of all ages.

Our structure is based on a rich history of The Workmen’s Circle/Arbeter Ring:

  • Secular Jewish life is celebrated with community.
  • Arts and education programming for Yiddish, Jewish and progressive culture.
  • Opportunities for real social justice programming and social action.

We invite you to join any of our programs and opportunities. 

Looking for an alternative to conventional Jewish affiliation?  We offer a place where progressive values and Jewish culture and heritage come together.

Looking to build a Jewish identity for your children?  We offer an opportunity for down-to-earth family education that fosters proud Jewish children; an education based on heritage and culture and that is open to your family’s beliefs, ethnicity and gender diversity.

Looking to make a real impact with social action?  We offer opportunities to engage with other like-minded individuals to collaborate, plan and act.

Looking to be a part of the new world of the cultural Yiddish revolution?  We offer opportunities to make Yiddish a vital part of your life—to speak the language, enjoy its art, music and culture, and to be inspired by the rich history of Yiddishist political activism.


  • Unique calendar of secular Jewish holiday observances. 
  • Informal shabbes potlucks hosted in member homes.
  • Opportunity for secular life cycle events (including weddings and funerals).
  • Grassroots organization of member activists.

Culture and Education
  • Explore the meaning of Jewish history, ritual, and text for secular Jews.
  • Sing with our Yiddish social justice chorus.
  • Examine and discuss a variety of Jewish and social justice topics.

  • Bi-weekly Yiddish classes.
  • Drop in on our bi-weekly Yiddish shmooze and study group.
  • Yiddish culture classes.
  • Learn just a “bisl” Yiddish.

Social Justice
  • Advocate for a shenere un besere velt far ale [a better world for all].
  • Speak out for worker and immigrant rights.
  • Help fight homelessness and hunger in our own community.
  • Support equal rights for all.

Family Education

  • Families with children ages 4-10 can enroll in our monthly family school.
  • Families participate with children in holiday and cultural programs.
  • Tweens and teens have the opportunity to run their own social action program.
  • Opportunity for secular Jewish Bar and Bas Mitzvah.