The Workmen's Circle of Michigan   
Center for Jewish Culture and Social Justice


Daniella HarPaz Mechnikov has been teaching Yiddish since 1994.  She has taught at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and at Brandeis University as well as for the Workmen's Circle in Boston and here in our own Circle.  Additionally, Daniella has taught Yiddish as well as many other Jewish subjects in countless venues throughout the United States. Daniella has also been a Jewish school director for 8 years in Metro Detroit and has taught Jewish children in every denomination of the Jewish community in Ann Arbor, Metro Detroit and the Greater Boston area.

Daniella's background includes Yiddish vocal performance, education administration, Jewish communal service work and public relations and strategic communications.  Her love for and deep commitment to Yiddish cultural and literary development is contagious. 

Daniella currently teaches all of our formal Yiddish classes, directs our Family Circle Program, as well as contributing in the areas of programming and administration.

Stefan Kukurugya plays and records music for a living. He is a talented artist with many performance and recording credits.  Stefan can be found playing around Detroit (and the country, to some degree) in various environments, from jazz clubs to country clubs, rock gigs to funk to "Dueling Pianos". Stefan is the conductor of our Circle Chorus. Come join us!

Aaron Egan
is a culinary professional and historian with a love for Yiddish that was kindled during his time as a student in the Workmen's Circle/Arbeter Ring Sunday School and sustained during his study of Yiddish at the University of Michigan. He currently is a student at the OCC Culinary Studies Institute. As a way of keeping his Yiddish skills current and sharp, he leads the Yiddish Vinkl in our Yiddish program.