The Workmen's Circle of Michigan   
Center for Jewish Culture and Social Justice

Yiddishkayt Overview

If you’re looking for Yiddish in Michigan, Workmen’s Circle is the address you need. Throughout the country, Workmen’s Circle has been a leader in preserving and promoting Yiddishkayt.

Yiddish connects us to a thousand years of Jewish history. In our Michigan community we strive to integrate the language and culture into a living, authentic, creative, and contemporary Jewish identity.
  • If you are looking to immerse yourself in Yiddish language activities, join Yiddish U, where you can take a language class, or participate with other students in an informal
    language group.
  • If you want to absorb some Yiddish culture through music, join our Yiddish social justice chorus.
  • If you want to learn about Yiddish history and literature, join our book discussions, presentations and lectures.
  • All Yiddish programming is listed on our calendar

Yiddish language and culture inspired one of the most prolific eras in Jewish literature, poetry, music and theater. Yiddish was the language of the 2.5 million Jewish immigrants who came to America from Eastern Europe, their hardships and their ideals. Yiddish was the language of the Jewish labor movement and the struggle for rights, equality, and freedom. And still, today, Yiddish culture inspires popular American humor, music, language, art. We invite you to explore this rich cultural inheritance!