The Workmen's Circle of Michigan   
Center for Jewish Culture and Social Justice

Culture and Education Overview

Jewish identity is shaped and enriched by our connection to thousands of years of Jewish history and culture. The sounds, the tastes, the traditions, the ideals have deep meaning and resonance whether we identify as a religious or secular Jew.

  • Explore the meaning of Jewish history, ritual, and text  for secular Jews.
  • Experience Eastern European heritage and sing for justice with our Circle Chorus.
  • Engage in a variety of social issues, cultural, Yiddish, Jewish, and literary topics with our book group.
  • Enjoy presentations and lectures on a variety of relevant and engaging topics.
  • Enrich your understanding of Yiddish heritage, culture and language.
Together at the Workmen’s Circle we grapple with questions of historical experience, values, and identity that challenge our thinking. Music, literature, and art endure as a source of inspiration and creativity.  Our success at building authentic and lasting secular Jewish community at the Workmen’s Circle will be strengthened by a foundation of Jewish and progressive literacy.