The Workmen's Circle of Michigan   
Center for Jewish Culture and Social Justice

Family Education

Many of us come to the Workmen’s Circle seeking a way to provide our children with a sense of pride in their Jewish heritage and an ethical foundation, without an explicitly religious context. We can do a lot at home. But identity and values deepen through communal rituals and structures that connect our children and families to something larger.

Whatever your Jewish background--whatever the faith, ethnic, or gender diversity of your family--we hope that you will find a welcoming and meaningful way for your family to engage in Jewish community through our secular and cultural partnership program with the Jewish Parents Institute (JPI). 

Members of the Workmen's Circle Receive JPI membership rates/benefits, including:
FREE tuition for new students!

The JPI Sunday School provides children and families with Jewish cultural literacy.
The program is based on a secular cultural Jewish foundation. 

          “We offer an opportunity for down-to-earth family education to
            foster proud Jewish children; an education based on heritage and
            culture and that is open to your family’s beliefs, ethnicity and
            gender diversity.”

  • Where learning is fun and families celebrate together
  • Where Jewish history comes ALIVE!
  • Where families of diverse backgrounds are welcome.
  • Where families develop a positive Jewish identity.
  • Where families participate in a meaningful bar/bat mitzvah program.
  • FREE Tuition for new students!

            SPEND THE DAY AT THE “J”

            Free access to the Jewish Community Center facilities from 1-5 p.m. on JPI school days.

            Join now. Your family will be glad you did!

            For more information:

            Call 248.432.5471
            Click HERE to learn about our open house and to view our calendar.

If you are one of the many families in Metro Detroit who identify as Jewish, but who are not affiliated with a synagogue or temple, either because your family make-up makes it difficult for you to find the right fit, or because you are philosophically opposed to organized religious practice--The Family Circle offers a connection point for you. 

We welcome you to CONTACT US for more information, or to register.